Doctoral and Specialist Degrees
Advisor Phone
Adult and Community Education (doctor of education, EdD) Michelle Glowacki-Dudka 765-285-5348
Educational Administration and Supervision (doctor of education, EdD) Serena Salloum 765-285-8413
Educational Administration and Supervision (specialist in education, EdS) Serena Salloum 765-285-8413
Higher Education and Community College Leadership (doctor of education, EdD) Amanda Latz 765-285-5477
Special Education (doctor of education, EdD)

Scott Dueker

Grad Certificates, License, and Transition Programs
Advisor Phone
Adult and Community Education Ruby Cain 765-285-9126
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Sadie Anderson, Mandy Lowe, Ashley Pilmore 765-285-7661
Athletic Coaching Larry Judge 765-285-4211
Autism Sadie Anderson, Mandy Lowe, Ashley Pilmore 765-285-7661
Business Essentials for Professionals Allison Logan 765-285-1931
College and University Teaching Thalia Mulvihill 765-285-5463
Computer Education for Teachers Jon Clausen 765-285-5775
Criminal Justice and Criminology Michael Brown 765-285-8240
Curriculum Development and Leadership Jill Bradley-Levine 765-285-5476
Disabilities for Post-Secondary Settings (with an emphasis in autism) Sadie Anderson, Mandy Lowe, Ashley Pilmore 765-285-7661
Early Childhood Master Teacher Becky Druetzler 765-285-5775
Early Childhood Program Administration Becky Druetzler 765-285-5775
Elementary Education: Literacy Instruction Becky Druetzler 765-285-5775
Emerging Media Design and Development Jennifer Palilonis 765-285-8216
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Sadie Anderson, Mandy Lowe, Ashley Pilmore 765-285-7661
Enhanced Teaching Practices for Elementary Teachers Becky Druetzler 765-285-5775
Entrepreneurship Allison Logan 765-285-1931
Exceptional Needs (Director of) License Casey Schultz 765-285-3454
Gifted and Talented Education (high ability) Kristie Speirs Neumeister 765-285-8518
Health Economics, Policy, and Administration Allison Logan 765-285-1931
Human Development and Learning Linda Jones 765-285-8517
Identity and Leadership Development for Counselors Renae Mayes 765-285-8040
Journalism: Emerging Media and Visual Reporting Robin Blom 765-285-8737
Journalism: Literary Journalism Robin Blom 765-285-8737
Mathematics Education: Elementary Mathematics Teacher Leadership Ann Leitze 765-285-8648
Mathematics Education: Foundational Mathematics Teaching in the Community College Ann Leitze 765-285-8648
Middle Level Education Jill Bradley-Levine 765-285-5476
Neuropsychology Linda Jones 765-285-8517
Nursing (post-master’s certificate) Shantelle Estes 765-285-9130
Principal’s License Casey Schultz  765-285-5777
Public Administration Charles Taylor 765-285-8794
Public Relations: Corporate Communications YoungAh Lee 765-285-9104
Public Relations: Education Communications YoungAh Lee 765-285-9105
Real Estate Development Bruce Frankel 765-285-5869
Response to Intervention Sadie Anderson, Mandy Lowe, Ashley Pilmore 765-285-7661
Sales Management Certificate Allison Logan 765-285-1931
Sustainability Casey Schultz 765-285-5777
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Lynne Stallings 765-285-8403
Transition to Teaching Program (K-6) Casey Schultz 765-285-5777
Transition to Teaching Program (7-12) Jill Bradly-Levine 765-285-5476