Build your credentials as a visionary and innovative leader in sustainability efforts. Whether you're advancing your current career or starting a new one, the graduate certificate in sustainability is designed to prepare you to guide businesses, organizations, and communities in anticipating, implementing, and celebrating the achievement of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Using knowledge and skills gained in critical thinking, ethics, data analysis, modeling practices, and more, graduates completing the certificate will be able to confidently develop, implement, and evaluate sustainability initiatives.

Careers in Demand

According to Burning Glass Technologies, careers in this field continue to rise, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Nationwide, there’s a promising job market for sustainability-related positions in:

  • communication within and external to organizations
  • business analytics, modeling, and reporting
  • environmental systems and interactions
  • energy sourcing, transmission, and use

Skills You Will Learn

  • program development
  • resource management
  • performance assessment

Course Requirements

The 12-credit graduate certificate in sustainability program provides specialized training in the areas of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. You will choose a minimum of two courses from each focus area. Each course is 1 credit and is taught over a 5-week period. You also may sample courses of interest if you feel the time isn’t quite right to complete the entire certificate program.

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  • SUST 510 Atmosphere (1 credit)
  • SUST 511 Ecological Systems (1 credit)
  • SUST 512 Soil Resources (1 credit)
  • SUST 513 Material Resources and Waste (1 credit)
  • SUST 514 Water Resources (1 credit)
  • SUST 515 Food Systems (1 credit)
  • SUST 516 Energy Resources (1 credit)
  • SUST 519 Environmental Law (1 credit)
  • SUST 520 Environmental Ethics (1 credit)
  • SUST 521 Human Health and Well Being (1 credit)
  • SUST 523 Population (1 credit)
  • SUST 524 Social/Environmental Justice (1 credit)
  • SUST 528 Waste/Human Health (1 credit)
  • SUST 529 Business Ethics/Environment (1 credit)
  • SUST 530 Analytics for Business (1 credit)
  • SUST 531 Modeling for Business (1 credit)
  • SUST 532 Reporting for Business (1 credit)
  • SUST 535 Internal Communications (1 credit)
  • SUST 536 Ecological Economics (1 credit)
  • SUST 537 Media Relations (1 credit)

Program Advisors

Casey Schultz, Advisor

Robert Koester Director of the Center for Energy Research/Education/Service
Professor of Architecture

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