Autism is seen in classrooms more often than ever before. Prepare yourself to provide an intervention for students with autism by earning a graduate certificate in autism. Taught completely online, this program follows the same stringent standards as our on-campus courses but you are free to earn your degree from the comfort of your home or office.

This program can be completed in conjunction with the graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis to partially complete the requirements for the master’s degree in special education or the master's degree in applied behavior analysis.

Academic Advisors

Contact Bonnie Krupa or Beth Hawke to develop a personal plan of study.

Course Requirements

The 15-credit autism graduate certificate provides specialized training for those treating students with autism spectrum disorders, which is the fastest growing disability group. The autism certificate can be integrated into a master’s program in special education. It’s a good complement for you if you have a teaching license in elementary, secondary, or special education.

Please note that the autism graduate certificate does not lead to a teaching license. Graduate certificates will not accept transfer credits.

  • SPCE 609 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
  • SPCE 611 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
  • SPCE 680 Introduction to Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 credits)
  • SPCE 682 Interventions and Treatments for Persons with Autism (3 credits)
  • SPCE 683 Field-Based Experience in Autism (3 credits)

Field-Based Experience

Before enrolling in the SPCE 638 Field-Based Experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, you must have completed the following courses with a final grade of “B” or higher:

  • SPCE 609 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
  • SPCE 610 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)

The courses cannot be combined in the same semester and the sequence of the courses must be planned with your advisor Bonnie Krupa.

  • It is your responsibility to secure a field-based experience site. This location should help you meet your professional goals.
  • Acceptable field-based experience locations include schools, ABA clinics/home programs, group homes, hospitals, and mental health centers, among others.
  • This position can be paid but it is not required. Review the non-compete, if any, you are required to sign for placement. Your supervisor should have experience in behavior management to appropriately guide you through the course.
  • Your supervisor could be a psychologist, special education teacher, principal, or fellow teacher. However, if you plan to use these hours towards your BACB supervised field experience hours (1500 required before BCBA exam), your supervisor must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and must meet the requirements to be a "supervisor," according to the BACB.
  • You must be able to commit to working a minimum of 10 hours per week and a maximum of 30 hours per week.

Prior to course registration, students must complete the field experience form

Ready to Apply?

You will first want to check if you meet the admission requirements for the Ball State Graduate School. Then you may apply.

No GRE is required.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: July 10
  • Spring Semester: November 15
  • Summer Semester: April 15

Summer semester courses are generally 10 weeks and must be started at the beginning of the term. 

All autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA) courses are offered every semester, providing you tremendous flexibility in scheduling courses around your busy life.


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Students from Other States

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International Applicants

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International Students Studying Online Only

If you’re an international student, in addition to meeting the requirements above, you will first need to meet the admission requirements for international graduate students. For information about the international admission process, contact the Rinker Center for International Programs.

If you are receiving sponsorship from your government for your studies, please confirm with your sponsor that you are permitted to enroll in online education courses. It is your responsibility to determine if you can enroll in online courses per your sponsor (if applicable), and the laws and policies of your nation and the United States.

International Students Studying on Campus 

You can only study on campus if the degree has either an on-campus or blended option. Online only degrees cannot be taken on campus. If you’re an international student and wish to study on our main campus in Muncie, Indiana, you will first need to meet the admission requirements for international graduate students. For information about the international admission process, contact the Rinker Center for International Programs

Admission deadlines for international students are earlier. 

Please review the admission deadlines from the Rinker Center so that there is plenty of time to review your application before enrollment deadlines.

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