Our online associate in arts degree in general arts gives you a great introduction to a general collegiate education. You can take a wide variety of courses from nearly every area of interest.

Many of this program’s required courses are also University Core Curriculum required courses. It's a good option if later you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree because many of your credits will apply toward fulfilling the requirements of a bachelor’s degree.

Our courses are asynchronous—meaning you do not have to log in to class on particular times or days of the week. Instead, you can work on weekly deadlines at the times most convenient to you.

Academic Advisors

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If you've taken classes at another school or are planning to do so, you might be able to apply that credit to your degree. However, to earn an associate degree from us, you must complete at least 15 of the last 20 credits through Ball State University.

For more information about transferring credit, contact your program advisor or review the guidelines in the undergraduate catalog.

Note: You cannot concurrently earn any other associate degree while pursuing the associate in arts degree in general arts; also, if you’ve previously earned an associate or bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible for this degree.

Course Requirements

This degree requires a total of 60 credits. For a complete list of all requirements, see the course catalog.

Note: Only courses in bold are offered online. We’ve listed all the course options to assist you in determining which courses may apply toward this degree program if you are considering transferring.

General Education, 31 credits

  • ENG 103 English Composition 1 (3 credits)
  • ENG 104 English Composition 2 (3 credits)

6 credits from:

    • HIST 150 The West in the World (3 credits)
    • MATH 125 Mathematics and Its Applications (3 credits)
    • COMM 210 Fundamentals of Public Communication (3 credits)

    Distribution Requirements, 15 credits

    Physical, Earth, or Life Sciences, 3 credits

      • ASTR 100 Introduction to Astronomy: A Study of the Solar System and Beyond (3 credits)
      • ASTR 120 Stars and Stellar Systems (3 credits)
      • CHEM 100 People and Chemistry (3 credits)
      • CHEM 101 General, Organic, and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences (5 credits)
      • CHEM 111 General Chemistry 1 (4 credits)
      • PHYC 100 Conceptual Physics (3 credits)
      • PHYC 110 General Physics 1 (4 credits) (Must have pre-req)
      • PHYC 120 General Physics 1 (5 credits)
      • GEOG 101 Earth, Sea, and Sky: A Geographic View (3 credits)
      • GEOL 101 Planet Earth’s Geological Environment (3 credits)
      • NREM 101 Environment and Society (3 credits) Life Sciences remove
      • BIO 100 People and the Life Sciences (3 credits)
      • BIO 111 Principles of Biology 1 (4 credits)
      • HSC 160 Fundamentals of Human Health (3 credits)
      • ANTH 105 Biodiversity, Adaptation, and Human Behavior (3 credits)

        Social and Behavioral Sciences, 3 credits

          • ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
          • ANTH 103 Archaeology and Culture (3 credits)
          • ECON 116 Survey of Economic Ideas (3 credits)
          • ECON 201 Elementary Microeconomics (3 credits)
          • GEOG 121 Geography of the Cultural Environment (3 credits)
          • POLS 130 American National Government (3 credits)
          • PSYS 100 General Psychology (3 credits)
          • SOC 100 Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
          • GEOG 150 Global Geography (3 credits)

          Fine Arts and Humanities, 3 credits

              • AHS 100 Introduction to Art (3 credits)
              • DANC 100 Introduction to Dance History (3 credits)
              • ENG 206  Reading Literature (3 credits)
              • MUHIS 100 Introduction to Music (3 credits)
              • THEA 100 Introduction to Theatre (3 credits)
              • HIST 198 Studies in Non-Western Civilizations (3 credits)
              • HIST 201 American History, 1492–1876 (3 credits)
              • HIST 202 American History, 1877–Present (3 credits)
              • CC 101 Word Origins and Vocabulary Development (3 credits)
              • CC 105 Introduction to the Classical World (3 credits)
              • CH, FR, GER, GRK, ITAL, JAPAN, LAT, or SP (3–4 credits)
              • PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
              • RELS 160 Introduction to Religion in Culture (3 credits)

              Three additional courses from the distribution electives listed above, 9 credits

              Physical Education, Fitness, and Wellness, 1 credit of PFW 160

              Electives, 29 credits

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