If you’re a building design student or a design professional, you know that high-performance buildings are on the rise across today’s urban landscape.

The increasing trend toward greener and better performing buildings has increased the demand for programs such as Ball State’s graduate certificate in high-performance building design, offered fully online.

As a cross-disciplinary program, students from a variety of academic fields may find interest in this certificate.

What’s Inside a High-Performance Building?

High Performance Defined

Ball State’s Department of Architecture, part of our College of Architecture and Planning, defines a high-performance building as one that can achieve certification under LEED, Passive House, WELL, the Living Building Challenge, SEED, or similar project evaluation systems.

Wherever high-performance buildings are located, they have a smaller environmental footprint. That’s significant because buildings are responsible for so much of the nation’s use of energy.

But high-performance design buildings also deliver . . .

  • indoor environmental quality
  • energy and water efficiency
  • use of renewable energy
  • environmentally friendly building materials
  • recycling during and after construction
  • and more

They also deliver occupant comfort and environmental responsibility, an economic and environmental necessity and an ever-increasing expectation.

Offered through the Ball State’s Department of Architecture, this four-course focus provides detailed explorations of various aspects of high performance. The program leads to an academic certificate, and most of the courses can lead to individual professional certificates or accreditations. All of the graduate courses taken for the HPBD certificate apply toward the M. Arch. degree.

Do you want to earn a single credential or two?

Perhaps you're not working on a degree but would like to take a course that prepares you for certifications in LEED Green Building, WELL Building, or PHIUS Passive Building. We've made it simple. Apply as a non-degree student. 

Program Requirements



Required Courses

  • ARCH 670 Elements of High-Performance Buildings
  • ARCH 671 LEED Green Building Rating System
  • ARCH 672 WELL Building Rating System
  • ARCH 673 PHIUS Passive Building Rating System

For a complete list of program requirements and courses, see the course catalog.


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Students from Other States

Ball State is authorized to accept online students from all U.S. states. However, certain states have regulations regarding licensing programs in nursing and education. Learn more about state authorizations for non-Indiana students.

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