Dr. Ronald Morris

Dr. Ronald Morris

<b>Department: </b>History<br><b>Research Area: </b>Indiana Artist biographies, Pioneer iron industry, Pioneer taverns, and Indiana pioneers<br>

Department: History

Research Focus: Morris is co-PI (along with Christine Thompson [AAL] and Dr. Kevin C. Nolan [AAL]) on a National Park Service African American Civil Rights (AACR) grant project: “Hoosier Civil Rights History: Development of a Virtual Museum for Engaging Indiana’s Civil Rights Legacy“. The virtual museum “Indiana Crossroads: Hoosier Civil Rights” includes 100 exhibits focusing on places, peoples, and events that were critical to the twentieth century civil rights movement in Indiana. The virtual museum highlights how places associated with civil rights in Indiana are interpreted, protected, and preserved. Our approach is historical, anthropological, and archaeological, gathering the full range of information to paint a rich picture of the lives of individuals involved in the struggle for equality in the Hoosier state. Our final product will be a publicly available virtual museum that will allow everyone to engage in our rich, complex history of participating in this fundamental human rights movement.

Potential Student Project(s): Morris seeks to mentor a student scholar for this project during Spring 2021 semester. The student scholar will work on the following research activities integral to the AACR grant project.

  • Research and write any of the 100 virtual museum exhibits not yet
  • Research images for the virtual museum, tracking source, citations, and
  • Assist Morris with gathering needed image
  • Update the virtual museum with approved exhibits, and associated images, links, tags, map locations and oral
  • Perform quality control on all 100 virtual museum exhibits, document discrepancies, and work with Morris to update final version of virtual

These research activities could be performed either on-site in AAL or remotely, if the student scholar has a proper work environment and adequate internet capability. In case of remote work, AAL equipment (laptop, external monitor) may be provided to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Excellent research, writing, and editing skills
  • Experience with updating web sites helpful, but not required
  • Experience with Excel
  • Organized and detailed
  • An ability to follow verbal and written directions, and documented project procedures
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills and working collaboratively

Mentoring Plan: The student scholar will have a set weekly schedule for their five hours/week assignment. They will check in at the beginning of each shift with Morris either in-person, with the Crew app, or via email. Morris and the student will meet weekly face-to-face or remotely for one hour to discuss upcoming research assignments and review completed research. The first weekly meeting will include AAL and project-specific orientation. All other weekly meetings will relate directly to the AACR research activities outlined above.

Each AACR research assignment will be introduced by Morris with written and verbal instructions, including previous examples and project procedures to be used as guides. Morris will be available for all questions either in-person, via Webex, through Crew app or email. Each specific assignment will be tracked using an Excel spreadsheet. Morris will give weekly formal feedback on each research assignment. The student scholar will use that feedback to edit and revise the final research product. Students will be expected to perform meaningful research and produce quality work, while being fully guided and supported by Morris.

In addition to performing specific research assignments relating to this project, the student scholar will be considered part of the AAL team of five staff and over 30 students. As such, they will be included in AAL social activities such as the AAL Open House, social media Student Spotlight, and any other group AAL activities. Their successful completion as a Student Scholar will position them well for future AAL student employment if they desire.

Contact: 765-285-8720, BB 205