Dr. Indigo Koslicki
Dr. Indigo Koslicki
<b>Department: </b>Criminal Justice and Criminology<br><b>Research Area: </b>Police/community interactions, police militarization, and police accountability technology like body-worn cameras

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Research Focus: I research police/community interactions, police militarization, and police accountability technology like body-worn cameras.

Potential Student Project(s):

Project 1: A Comprehensive Database of Police Fatal Force - this project would compile the data from the four public crowdsourced databases for police use of fatal force, while removing duplicate cases and confirming victim information in each case. Each database has limitations, so combining across all four databases will create the most complete dataset possible. This project will require excellent attention to detail and basic Excel skills.


Project 2: Public Perceptions of Police Uniforms - this project entails a public survey to determine public perceptions of what types of uniforms police officers should wear and under which circumstances. Findings will determine whether certain respondent variables or certain scenarios are related to a higher preference for militarized uniforms and equipment.


Project 3: Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove Retest - this project is a replication of a prior study that I completed with a co-author in 2018, but with more current data. It will determine whether there is a relationship (positive or negative) between a police department's receipt of military equipment from the federal transfer program (the

1033 Program) and the department's community-oriented policing activities.


Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

Good writing ability, attention to detail, knowledge of how to research using library/Illiad/Google Scholar.

Having already taken a research methods and/or statistics class is preferred.


Mentoring Plan:

Student and faculty member will have an initial meeting to discuss the student's project interests and strengths, as well as the possible timeline of project completion. Following the initial meeting, the student researcher will work 5 hours/week on the project, including a 1-on-1 interaction in person or via Zoom each week.

Contact: 765-285-5125, NQ 284M