If yes, an academic coach can help you!

Your academic performance is directly related to effective time management skills. Learn how to manage time, better organize your daily schedule and do better in your classes by getting an academic coach through the learning center. An academic coach (AC) will work with you weekly to develop an individualized plan of action and assist you in organization, time management, avoiding procrastination, and developing effective study habits as well as connect you to tutoring, library resources and SI sessions. In addition, they can help you navigate many other issues that you may encounter in college. An academic coach is a valuable resource, and they are FREE.

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Counseling Center provides several FREE services to students on-site or through phone, in-person and video conferencing. These include:

  • WellTrack – Download this online/mobile app and monitor your stress and anxiety levels as well as learn strategies to improve your mental health.
  • Resource and Relaxation Room – Find books and pamphlets on stress, test anxiety, depression self-esteem, career exploration and much more. Enjoy a massage chair.
  • Self-Help – Find online information to manage anxiety, depression, grief and loss, maintain healthy relationships and more.
  • Let’s talk appointments – Available on first come, first serve basis provide students an opportunity to talk informally with a Counseling Center staff member on specific problems like test anxiety, coping skills, lack of motivation, relationship, and roommate issues that students may face on daily basis. Contact Counseling Center for an appointment.
  • Individual therapy with a counsellor as needed. Contact Counseling Center for an appointment.
  • In case of emergency/crisis, call 911.

Call Counseling Center: 765-285-1736

Or Email: counselctr@bsu.edu

The Learning Center offers FREE tutoring for Ball State students for many different courses on campus. Find out here if tutoring is available in your course. You can make an appointment with a tutor here.

Tutoring sessions are most helpful if you prepare yourself before you go to your appointment. These are some tips.

  • When you make your appointment, tell your tutor what topics you are struggling with so they can be ready to help you.
  • Study or read the relevant material ahead of time and write questions to ask the tutor.
  • Try to work on problems before your appointment. Mark the problems to ask your tutor that you found challenging.

Call the Learning Center: 765-285-1736

Or Email: counselctr@bsu.edu

The BSU Career Center can help you explore various career options. A Career Coach can help you in resume preparation, job searches and interviews as well as assist in finding internship positions. Make an appointment with a Career Coach by going to the Cardinal Career Link and clicking on current students or simply call 765-285-1522 or email.

Call Career Center: 765-285-1522

Or Email: careerready@bsu.edu

Academic advisors can give you the advice and resources you need to successfully map your academic journey that leads to your graduation. Schedule a meeting with your advisor to make sure you are on track for timely graduation.