Dr. Rona Robinson-Hill
Dr. Rona Robinson-Hill
<b>Department: </b>Biology<br><b>Research Area: </b>Science Education

Department: Biology

Research Focus: Science educator, Training Future Scientist Principal Investigator, I train and mentor elementary and secondary pre-service teachers how to teach science using culturally responsive pedagogy for underserved students in Delaware County. My first research focus is taking elementary education pre-service teachers into Delaware County to implement authentic inquiry-base science labs using inquiry and the 5E Learning Model with underserved students in grade k-5. My second research focus is for secondary education majors. I expose these students to authentic science research by allowing them to spend 12 hours in a STEM research lab at BSU. My third research focus is reducing the fears of the students I serve at BSU to influence their desire to teach marginalized students using culturally responsive pedagogy to underserved students in grade k-12. My fourth research focus is a collaboration with STEM Girls Institute summer camp for girls in grades 6-12 in Delaware County. The collaboration is with IUPUI faculty member, Dr. Crystal Morton. My final research focus is the Training Future Scientist Ambassador program that provides STEM research experiences for students in high school (11-12th grade) and BSU undergraduates.

Potential Student Project(s): Potential students I can work with are future teachers and students interested in performing authentic science research in a STEM lab @ BSU.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Enthusiastic, eager to learn, open-minded, patient, interested in learning new skills.

Mentoring Plan: The student researcher will work 5 hours per week on the project including weekly one hour meetings with me to discuss physical, academic, and social well-being. Student will support with research by searching articles to support my research.

Contact: 314-956-4266, FSB 215