Dr. Mary Lou Vercellotti
Dr. Mary Lou Vercellotti
<b>Department: </b>English<br><b>Research Area: </b>Language learning, Coding data, Linguistics

Department: English

Research Focus: Language learning, coding data, linguistics

Potential Student Project(s): Speaking in a second language is a challenging task. In this research project, we are exploring the types of words, phrases, and clauses that produced by learners of English. The student researcher will learn how to analyze language with a linguistics perspective in order to code the language data. For instance, a student researcher might identify each word's part of speech in the given context (i.e., is the word being used as noun, verb, adjective, in this sentence). This task goes beyond grammar found in textbooks, and it may even challenge traditional grammar "rules" particularly because learner language may vary from what you would say. These data will be part of a larger language database, which means the coding must follow established formats. If you like language puzzles and attention to detail, this might be an interesting research project for you! Participation on the team may lead to research collaborations.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Interest in linguistics and language use attention to detail ability to differentiate subtle uses of language

Mentoring Plan: The student researcher will work five hours per week on this language learning project. The five hours will include one hour of one-on-one interaction with Dr. Vercellotti to discuss the project, applied linguistics, and the student's educational/career interests. The student  researcher will be encouraged to keep an ideas journal with observations and questions about language and linguistics to discuss during our one-on-one meetings. Training will be provided on linguistic analysis, basic linguistic coding, and data management so that the student  researcher can be successful completing the research tasks. The student  researcher will also gain experience working as a team member on a research project.

Contact: 765-285-8389, RB 297