Dr. Cailín Murray

Dr. Cailín Murray

<b>Department: </b>Chemistry<br><b>Research Area: </b>Cultural Anthropology, Irish American ethnohistorical research, Irish Famine History, Intergenerational Grief

Department: Anthropology

Research Focus:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Irish American ethnohistorical research
  • Irish Famine History
  • Intergenerational Grief

Potential Student Project(s): I am seeking a student who is interested in working on an ethnohistorical and cultural anthropological project about the relationships between Irish American Catholics and the historic past, specifically, the Irish Famine experienced by their ancestors. This project will gather information about intergenerational grief and how it might apply to the lived experiences of Irish American families.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Familiarity with researching databases
  • Ability to write clearly
  • Critical analysis skills
  • Organizational skills

Mentoring Plan: I returned from summer research in Ireland in 2019 where I was working on a project titled “Going Home to do Research” that was sidelined by Covid. So, the student will help me revisit and revaluate materials I brought back from Ireland in 2019. In addition, they will help me review scholarly books and articles I already have in order to create an annotated research bibliography.

The student researcher will work 5 h/week on the project including a 1-on-1 interaction with you for at least 1 hour/week.The student will conduct research using databases like Ancestry.com and Newspapers.com to identify possible primary sources relevant to the project. I want the student to identify relevant primary sources relating to Irish American historical populations by using the US Census records, immigration records, birth and death records, family stories uploaded to the site, and, relevant stories in historical newspapers using Newspapers.com.

I will also mentor the student in developing an honors paper on related research of their own for the Honors in Anthropology award. 

Contact: 765-729-6017, BB 315