Dr. Bangshuai Han
Dr. Bangshuai Han
<b>Department: </b>Environment, Geology and Natural Resources <br><b>Research Area: </b>Hydrology, water resources, natural resources, water quality, geography, GIS, climate change<br>

Department: Environment, Geology and Natural Resources

Research Focus: Hydrology, water resources, natural resources, water quality, geography, GIS, climate change

Potential Student Project(s): Microplastics removal in Muncie Wastewater Treatment Plant Microplastics is a contaminant of emerging concern. Microplastics comes from various sources, and domestic sewage is a major contributor in populated areas. While not a targeted goal of wastewater treatment plants, microplastics could be removed largely in many steps during the wastewater treatment process. This student project will include taking water samples from the Muncie wastewater treatment and quantify the microplastic amounts in the lab.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Completion of NREM 101 or GEOL 101
  • Majors in Natural Resources, Environmental Management, Geology, Geography, Biology and/or related majors
  • Curiosity and interest in water quality
  • Willingness to fail and try again
  • Willingness to be mentored
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with other students
  • Willingness to develop skills in written and oral science communication
  • Reliability, consistency and attention to details

Mentoring Plan:

  • Meet with Han to establish a weekly research schedule
  • Adherence to established schedule and communication if an alteration is necessary
  • One-hour meeting per week to discuss progress and difficulties
  • I will train you necessary skills related to the project and more broadly on scientific thinking, writing, and presentation
  • A discussion at the beginning and end of this program about career planning and/or aspirations

Contact: 765-285-5790, West Quad 118