Dr. Douglas Bernstein
Dr. Douglas Bernstein
<b>Department: </b>Biology<br><b>Research Area: </b>Micro and Molecular Biology

Department: Biology

Research Focus: Micro and Molecular Biology

Potential Student Project: Examination of Pus7’s role in C. albicans rRNA processing Examination of pseudouridine degradation in Eukaryotes.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Interest in Biology or Chemistry.

Mentoring Plan: In the beginning I will meet with students multiple times per week to teach them the skills they will need to work in the lab. As time progress the students will become more independent and will be able to perform more of the tasks in lab without assistance. My goal is for students that join the lab to stay in the lab until graduation. This has proven a very productive method and has allowed students to mature into independent scientists by the time of graduation. Also, this extended time in the lab allows students to opportunity to apply for fellowships, scholarships, research opportunities at RO1 schools, and disseminate their findings via posters and publications. This provide the students with further experience as they enter the next chapter of their careers once they leave my lab.

Contact: 608-556-3372, 231B Cooper Life Sciences