Dr. George Gaither
Dr. George Gaither
<b>Department: </b>Psychological Science<br><b>Research Area: </b>Human sexuality

Department: Psychological Science

Research Focus: Human Sexuality


Potential Student Project(s): Survey research examining relationships among personality characteristics and sexualty-related variables. For example, we are currently working on a project examining Autism related traits and how they relate to several sex and gender-related variables (e.g., sexual orientation, gender identity, hypersexuality, and consensual nonmonogamy).



Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Punctual, committed, flexible, able to read journal articles, and work well with others, experience with Qualtrics, and ability to set own schedule.


Mentoring Plan: Students will work with my research team which will include weekly group meetings and 1-on-1 meetings. Students will review research literature, help to create Qualtrics surveys, help create posters or oral presentations and present findings at 1 or more venues at the end of the semester. The student researcher will work 5 h/week on the project including a 1-on-1 interaction with me for at least 1 hour/week.


Contact: 765-285-1690, NQ 124