Below is a list of the Applied Anthropology Laboratories' Report of Investigations series. The most recent reports are listed first. Several of the reports are linked to an abstract. A few reports are available in Adobe PDF format.

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88. An Archaeological Survey of Newton County: Enhancement of a Data Deficient Region. By Jamie M. Leeuwrik, Christine Thompson, Shelbi Long, Kevin C. Nolan and Erin Steinwachs. May 2015. Volume 1- 167 pp., Volume 2- 58 pp.

87. An Archaeological Survey of Jasper County: Enhancement of a Data DeficientRegion. By Colin L. Macleod, Christina Thompson, Shelbi Long, Erin Steinwachs, and Kevin C. Nolan. May 2015. Volume 1- 159 pp., Volume 2- 64 pp.

85. A Rapid and Inexpensive Method for Investigating Community Structure in theSouthwestern Lake Erie Basin: A Pilot Study. By Kevin C. Nolan, Brian G. Redmond, and Christina R. Spielbauer. 2014. Volume 1- 57 pp.

83. Investigation of Fort AncientSettlement and Community Patterns: An Archaeological Survey of Dearborn County,Indiana. By Matthew R. Swihart and Kevin C. Nolan. Edited by Kevin C. Nolan. April 2014. Volume 1- 220 pp.,  

82. Distributional Analysis ofArchaeological Remains in the Upper White River Basin: An Archaeological Surveyof Hamilton County, Indiana. By Matthew R. Swihart and Kevin C. Nolan. Compiled and Edited by Kevin C. Nolan. June 2013. Volume 1- 187 pp., Volume 2- 305pp.  

81. An Archaeological Survey of Montgomery County: Enhancement of a Data Deficient Region, Part II. By Colin L. Macleod and Erin Donovan. Edited by Christine Thompson. May 2014. Volume 1- 200 pp., Volume 2- 179 pp.  

80. A Distributional Archaeological Survey of the Southern Portion of Blackford County. By Joseph R. Miller. Edited by Christine Keller. May 2013. Volume 1- 220 pp., Volume 2- 219 pp.

79. A Survey of Blackford County: A Data Enhancement Project. By Joseph R. Miller, Victoria Kiefer, and Kristin Kjeldsen, Edited by Christine Keller. 2012, 188 pp.

78. Archaeology of the Battles of Fort Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio: Education and Protection. By Christine Keller, Colleen Boyd, Mark Groover, Mark Hill. 2011, 263 pp.

77. A Survey of Montgomery County: A Data Enhancement Project. By Emily Murray, Jessie Moore and Victoria Keifer. 2011, Volume 1 - 185 pp., Volume 2 - 180 pp.

76. Archaeological Investigations in the Upper Wabash River Valley: A 2009 Survey in Huntington, Miami, and Wabash Counties, Indiana. By Andrew Smith and Rachel Klabacka. 2009, Volume 1 - 223 pp., Volume 2 - 265 pp.

75. Archaeological Investigations at the Hobbs' Knob (12-M-266) and Taylor Ten (12-H-987) Sites, Madison and Hamilton Counties, Indiana.  By Beth K. McCord, 2009, 198 pp.

74. Glacial Sluiceways and Modern Streams: An Archaeological Survey of the Stony Creek Valley in Hamilton County, Indiana. By Andrew Smith, Beth K. McCord, and Donald R. Cochran, 2008, 225 pp.

73. 1999 Excavations at Mounds State Park (12-M-2) and the New Castle Site (12-Hn-1). By Beth K. McCord, 2008, 133 pp.

72. Archaeological Investigations of the Yorktown Enclosure (12-Dl-39), Delaware County, Indiana. By Beth K. McCord and Donald R. Cochran, 2007, 54 pp.

71. A Profile of Till Plain Archaeology: A Survey of Hancock County, Indiana. By Beth K. McCord with sections by Donald R. Cochran, Jamie Meece, and Jutta Vogelbacher, 2007, Volume 1: 188 pp, Volume 2: 220 pp.

70. Archaeological Subsurface Reconnaissance, Koteewi Park Lake, Hamilton County, Indiana. By Beth McCord, 2006, 94 pp. with appendices.

69. Archaeological Investigations at Mounds State Park: Report of 2006 Field School and Public Archaeology. By Beth McCord, 2007, 89 pp. with appendices.

68. The Bronnenberg House and 2005 Archaeological Investigations at Mounds State Park, Madison County, Indiana. By Beth McCord, 2006, 35 pp. plus appendices.

67. The Fudge Site: A New Look at an Ancient Monument, Randolph County, Indiana. By Beth K. McCord with sections by Donald R. Cochran, 2006, 124 pp. plus appendices.

66. Sites 12Or382 and 12Or384 and the Archaeology of Wesley Chapel Gulf, Orange County, Indiana. By Shaun A. Miller, 2005, 81 pp. plus appendices.

65. Investigation in the Upper White River Drainage: The Albee Phase and Late Woodland/Prehistoric Settlement. By Beth K. McCord with contributions by Leslie L. Bush, Donald R. Cochran, Alison Hadley, and Tanya Peres, 2005, Volume 1- 244 pp., Volume 2 -185 pp

64. An Archaeological Survey of the Taylor Property at the Strawtown Prairie, Hamilton County, Indiana. By Beth K. McCord and Donald R. Cochran, 2003, 148 pp. plus 96 pp. appendix.

63. Archaeological Testing of Site 12SW327: SR 129 Rehabilitation, INDOT Project #STP-3378(), Des #950290, Switzerland County, Indiana. By Blake Cochran, R. Ezra Erb, Beth McCord, Kimberly Nagle, and Kim Zunker, 2002, 221 pp. plus 81 pp. appendix.

62. The Ghosts of the Delaware: An Archaeological Study of Delaware Settlement Along the White River of Indiana. By Beth McCord, 2002, 115pp.

61. The Archaeology of Anderson Mounds, Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana. By Donald R. Cochran and Beth K. McCord, 2001, 81 pp.

60. Test Excavations at the Celina Shelter, 12-Pe-1023, Perry County, Indiana. By Kimberly Nagle and Donald R. Cochran, 2001, 89 pp. plus appendix.

59. Excavation at the Former Location of the Richardville/LaFontaine House, Huntington, Indiana. By Mitch Zoll, Kari Carmany, Rebecca Sick, and Kimberly Zunker, 2000, 53 pp. plus appendx.

58. A Survey of Collections: An Archaeological Evaluation of Eight Earthworks in Eastern Indiana. By Beth McCord and Donald R. Cochran, 2000, 211 pp.

57. Recovery of Two Albee Features at the Jarrett Site (12D1689), Delaware County, Indiana. By Beth McCord, 2001.

56. Rockshelter Survey and Testing in the Proposed Branchville Archaeological District Hoosier National Forest, Perry County, Indiana, Volume One. By Andrew Martin and Nikki Waters, 2000.

55. Continued Evaluation of Cultural Resources at the Ben Schroeder Saddletree Factory and Residence: Examining Additional Historical and Archaeological Evidence. By Deborah Rotman, 1999, 43 pp.

54. New Castle Site Revisited. By Beth McCord, 1999, 113 pp.

53. Rockshelter Survey and Testing in the Hemlock Cliffs and Mesmore Cliffs Areas of the Hoosier National Forest, Crawford County, Indiana. By Nikki Waters and Donald Cochran, 1999, 172 pp.

52. An Archaeological Assessment of Three Unique Woodland Sites in Henry County, Indiana. By Beth McCord, 1998, 103 pp.

51. African-American and Quaker Farmers in East Central Indiana: Social, Political, and Economic Aspects of Life in Nineteenth-Century Rural Communities, Randolph County, Indiana. By Deborah Rotman, Rachel Mancini, Aaron Smith, and Elizabeth Campbell, 1998, 92 pp.

50. Archaeological Salvage Excavation at the Reid Site (12-F1-1). By Michael Angst, 1998, 192 pp.

49. Archaeology and Preservation at the Ben Schroeder Saddletree Factory and Residence: Deciphering Nearly a Century of Domestic and Industrial Activity. By Deborah Rotman, 1998, 43 pp.

48. The President Benjamin Harrison Home: Using Archaeology for the Interpretation and Reconstruction of the Carriage House. By Deborah Rotman, 1998, 34 pp.

47. Public Display and Private Tasks: Nineteenth Century Landscape Utilization at the Morris-Butler House. By Deborah Rotman, 1998, 34 pp.

46. Rush County, Indiana, Predicting the Potential for Surface and Subsurface Archaeological Sites. By Michael Angst, 1997, 114 pp.

45. Mitigation of the Three Multicomponent Sites in the Upper Wabash, Cass County, Indiana. By Michael Angst, 1997, 65 pp.

44. McCulloughs Run: A Bifurcate Tradition Cemetery in Central Indiana. By Donald Cochran, Paige Waldron, Ron Richards, Beth McCord, and Debbie Rotman, 1998.

43. Woodland Sites in East Central Indiana: A Survey and Evaluation. By Beth McCord and Donald Cochran, 1996, 188 pp.

42. Mitigating Damage at the Haag Site. By Donald Cochran, Michael Angst, and Beth McCord, 1995, 70 pp.

41. An Archaeological Survey of Dearborn County, Indiana. By Cindy Parish and Beth Kolbe McCord, 1995, 146 pp.

40. An Archaeological Survey of Fayette County. By Michael Angst, 1994, 129 pp.

39. The Gronauer Locke #2. By Cindy Parish, 1992, 163 pp.

38. Morell-Sheets: An Albee Phase Habitation. By Beth Kolbe McCord and Donald Cochran, 1994, 136 pp.

37. Windsor Mound: An Adena Burial Mound in Randolph County, Indiana. By Beth Kolbe McCord, 1996, 80 pp.

36. Historic and Prehistoric Contexts in the Tipton Till Plain. By Donald Cree, Randy Gaw, Gerald Waite, Lisa Paylo, and Donald Cochran, 1994, 130 pp.

35. Brookville Lake: An Archaeological Study in the Whitewater Drainage. By Beth Kolbe, July 1992, 121 pp.

34. 1988 Excavation at Mounds State Park. By Beth Kolbe, 1992, 80 pp.

33. Records Management Project for Whitley and Kosciusko Counties. By Kris Richey, 1988, 17 pp.

32. A Reconnaissance Level Survey of the Valley Corridor of the Upper West Fork of the White River in Madison County, Indiana. By Diana Conover, 1988, 89 pp.

31. An Archaeological Database Enhancement Project: A Survey of Hamilton and Marion Counties, Indiana. By Donald Cree, 1991, 122 pp.

30. Relocation of US Highway 24, Wabash/Huntington Counties, Indiana. By Mitch Zoll, Donald Cochran, and Beth Cree, 1991, 222 pp.

29. Independence: A Multicomponent Site in the Middle Wabash Drainage. By Beth Cree and Donald Cochran, with sections by Maryann Doerr, Dallas Evans, and Rob Mann, 1991, 211 pp.

28. U.S. 24 Bypass, Wabash/Huntington Counties, Indiana. By Mitch Zoll, 1989, 153 pp.

27. Excavations at the William Conner House: A 19th Century Rural Residence in Hamilton County, Indiana. By William Huser Jr. and Rob Mann, 1991, 235 pp.

26. Excavations at the Richardville/LaFontaine House. By Donald Cochran, with Appendices by Larry Stillwell, Don Cree, and Dallas Evans, 1990, 198 pp.

25. Historic Sites from the General Land Office Surveys: An Indiana Survey. By Lisa Maust and Donald Cochran, 1989, 69 pp.

24. The Hesher Site: A Late Albee Cemetery in East Central Indiana. By Donald Cochran, with sections by Lisa Maust, Eric Filkins, Mitch Zoll, Sharon Staley, and Ronald Richards, 1988, 182 pp.

23. 1987 Excavations at Mounds State Park. By Donald Cochran, 1988, 51 pp.

22. The Archaeological Resources of the Maumee River Valley, Allen County, Indiana. By James Mohow, 1987, 278 pp.

21. Archaeological Investigations of the Upper Big Blue River Glacial Sluiceway. By Frank Burkett and Ronald Hicks, 1986, 226 pp.

20. Interim Report: 1985 Excavations at the All Seasons Site. By Donald Cochran, 1986, 54 pp.

19. Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic in the Upper Wabash Drainage. By Jeffrey Holstein and Donald Cochran, 1986, 214 pp.

18. An Archaeological Survey of Jay County, Indiana. By Mary Lou James and Donald Cochran, 1985, 223 pp.

17. Archaeological Investigations at the Peru Industrial Park. By Frank Burkett, Diana Conover, and Donald Cochran, 1984, 85 pp.

16. Miami Occupation of the Upper Wabash Drainage: A Preliminary Study Unit. By William Wepler, 1984, 198 pp.

15. An Archaeological Survey on the Wabash Moraine: A Study of Prehistoric Site and Artifact Density in the Upper Wabash Drainage. By Donald Cochran and Jeanette Buehrig, 1985, 88 pp.

14. The Commissary Site Revisited. By Frank Burkett and Donald Cochran, 1984, 37 pp.

13. An Archaeological Survey of the Upper Wabash River Valley. By Donald Cochran and Edmond Anuszczyk, 1984, 238 pp.

12. The Archaeological Resources of the Upper White River Drainage with Emphasis on the Woodland Period. By P. Ranel Stephenson with sections by Donald Cochran, Lorna Gentry Laymon, and Diana Conover, 1984, 164 pp.

11. A Review and Update of Archaeological Records for Blackford, Jay, Randolph, and Henry Counties, Indiana. By William Wepler, Emme Bill, Diana Conover, and Debbie Leffler, 1982, 160 pp.

10. An Archaeological Assessment of Huntington Reservoir: Identification, Prediction, Impact. By William Wepler and Donald Cochran, 1983, 158 pp.

9. An Archaeological Survey of the Huntington Lake Shoreline. By William Wepler and Donald Cochran, 1983, 162 pp.

8. An Archaeological Survey of the Newport Army Ammunition Plant, Vermillion County, Indiana: Predicting the Archaeological Potential of an Upland Forest- Prairie Edge in West Central Indiana. By William Reseigh, 1982, 127 pp.

7. An Archaeological Survey of the Salamonie Reservoir. By William Wepler and Donald Cochran, 1982, 171 pp.

6. A Comprehensive Survey of the Archaeological Resources of Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana,, with a Proposed Management Plan. By Jeanette E. Buehrig and Ronald Hicks, 1982, 157 pp.

5. Final Report on the 1980-81 Mississinewa Reservoir Survey. By William Wepler, 1982, 157 pp.

4. An Archaeological Assessment of Fox Island County Park, Allen County, Indiana. By Donald Cochran, 1980, 119 pp.

2. Historic Delaware Villages in Indiana. By William Wepler, 1980, 99 pp.

1. Final Report of Archaeological Reconnaissance and Test Excavation, Mounds State Park, Madison County, Indiana. By Ronald Hicks, William Wepler, and Donald Cochran, 1981, 182 pp.