By: Beth McCord

Report of Investigations 54. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


The Archaeological Resources Management Service (ARMS) at Ball State University conducted a FY98 Historic Preservation Fund Grant to further assess the condition of the New Castle site (12Hn1). The project conducted a shovel probe survey of the site area documenting prehistoric use and historic disturbance of the area. No prehistoric activity areas associated with the earthworks were recorded. Historic disturbance to the site area was extensive. Limited test excavations at each of the extant earthworks were also performed. The excavations documented a consistent pattern of construction. In addition, portions of 4 previously excavated units (Swartz 1976) were reopened. These units documented a more complex construction of Mound 1 and Mound 4 than reported. They also provided the impetus for critically reviewing previous interpretations of the site. The project documented that the site structures were far more complex than previously documented. While the project obtained new information, it was found that the site was still inadequately understood. Interpretations of the site were limited by the lack of data, ie., no radiocarbon dates associated with the earthworks were obtained. Further excavation of the site and a comprehensive review of previous excavations were recommended.