By: Beth K. McCord 

Reports of Investigation 70, Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


The Archaeological Resources Management Service (ARMS) conducted an archaeological subsurface reconnaissance for the proposed lake area within Koteewi Park at Strawtown, Indiana for Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (HCPR). The project will involve the construction of a recreational lake and beach area within the floodplain. The overburden from the lake construction will be deposited on the terrace to the south for the construction of a sledding hill. The subsurface reconnaissance involved the excavation of 38 backhoe trenches within the proposed project area. Subsurface deposits were recorded within ten previously recorded sites; 12H1014, 12H1018, 12H1019, 12H1069, 12H1070, 12H1072, 12H1073, 12H1074, 12H1075 and 1081. Nine new archaeological sites were recorded based on subsurface deposits, 12H1175 to 1180 and 1182 to 1184, and one new surface site was recorded, 12H1181. Seven sites, 12H1014, 12H1018, 12H1019, 12H1070, 12H1074, 12H1178 and 12H1183 , were recommended for avoidance or further archaeological testing.