By: Michael G. Angst
Prepared for the Indiana Department of Transportation
Reports of Investigation 45, Archaeological Resource Management Service, Ball State University


Mitigation of approximately 25% of sites 12-Ca-234 and 12-Ca-236 to be destroyed by the widening of U.S. 24/35 near Logansport, Indiana, identified a light to moderate multicomponent lithic scatter.  Occupation at the sites ranged from the Middle/ Late Archaic through the Late Woodland.  Excavation data suggests that the two sites were used as short term, small group camp sites.  Information on seasonality and subsistence practices are not available because of either poor preservation or a general lack of organic material at either site.  Lithic analysis suggests little initial reduction and more finishing and refinishing of tools.

Mitigation of site 12-Ca-237 has been limited to the Phase II testing and subsequent shovel testing.  Because excavation data from 12-Ca-234 and 12-Ca-236 had become redundant, and given the similarity of these three sites, it appeared unlikely that excavation at 12-Ca-237 would yield any new, significant data.  Additionally, the site appears to be more substantially eroded than previously reported.

No other known sites of this type have been excavated in the Upper Wabash.  It is hoped that this project will serve as a catalyst for the excavation of similar sites throughout the region to flesh out the archaeological record of the Upper Wabash.