By: Michael G. Angst
Prepared for Silver Creek Sand and Gravel Co., Inc. Report of Investigations 50. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.


Mitigation of damage to a portion of the Reid site shell mound (12-Fl-1) in the Falls of the Ohio River region was conducted by the Archaeological Resources Management Service. Mitigation consisted of the excavation of 15 two-meter squares along the damaged edge of the mound. A mixed midden was found below the plowzone. Only two small shell features were encountered. Fire-cracked rock, lithic debris, tools, diagnostic points, pottery, burned earth, floral and faunal material and historic artifacts were recovered in the midden. Diagnostic points were primarily Middle to Late Archaic in age, but also included points ranging from the Late Paleoindian period through the end of the Middle Woodland period. Two pottery types were identified: Falls Plain, a Middle Woodland Type in the Falls region, and an unclassified type which may be related to the Falls Plain. A scatter of historic artifacts associated with the Reid farm complex was found in the plowzone.

Although this project recorded a mixed midden and few features, information important to the regional prehistory was recovered. The project demonstrated the long occupational history of the site and provided important comparative data for archaeological research in the Falls of the Ohio River region. In addition, the project raised important new research questions to be addressed. Given the limited archaeological sampling of the Reid site shell mound, this project demonstrated the tremendous potential of this site for interpreting the regional prehistory.