By: Beth K. McCord with sections by Donald R. Cochran, Jamie Meece and Jutta Vogelbacher
Reports of Investigation 71, Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


This Historic Preservation Fund grant project investigated the archaeological resources of Hancock County. Nearly 800 acres of agricultural land were surveyed by pedestrian transects. The survey recorded 161 new archaeological sites, recovered 702 prehistoric artifacts and 950 historic artifacts from 14 locations across the county. The project also visited over 100 historically documented sites and recorded 13 new and two previously recorded sites German Settlement in Sugar Creek Township was investigated. Several local collections were reviewed and correlated to 17 archaeological sites. In total, 193 archaeological site inventory forms were completed. To assist in the management of archaeological data from Hancock County, a GIS database was also created. The information obtained from this project was then compared to regional information. While Hancock County archaeology is analogous to the till plain region, unique environmental characteristics distinguish the county. The abundance of poorly drained soils in the county amplifies the relationship of well drained soils and prehistoric settlement.