By: Cindy Parish and Beth McCord
Report of Investigation 41. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University. 


An archaeological survey of Dearborn County, Indiana, was conducted under a Department of the Interior Historic Preservation Fund Survey and Planning Grant administered by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology. Background research was conducted to correlate the existing site records and investigate the potential for archaeological resources within the county. Collector interviews were conducted and demonstrated the wealth of information in this data source. The background survey revealed that Dearborn County has tremendous potential for significant prehistoric and historic archaeological resources. Prior to the survey 356 archaeological sites had been recorded for Dearborn County. This survey covered a total of 975 acres and recorded 125 new archaeological sites. Of the acreage surveyed, 875 were systematically surveyed while approximately 100 acres were non systematically covered during field checking site locations. Five previously recorded sites were resurveyed. While the survey was able to document the density and distribution of a sample of sites within several environmental zones within the county, due to survey conditions, the valley zone has been proportionally over sampled while the uplands remain under sampled.