By: Beth K. McCord and Donald R. Cochran

Prepared for the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Reports of Investigation 64, Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


The Archaeological Resources Management Service conducted a FY2002 Historical Preservation Fund Grant to survey the portion of the Taylor property owned by Hamilton County Parks and Recreation located south of the Strawtown-Cicero Pike. The survey documented 89 new archaeological sites and recovered over 3000 artifacts. In addition, two sites were intensively investigated to recovery additional information and augers were excavated in the flood plain portion of the project area to sample buried deposits. The data acquired during the survey showed that the Taylor property was occupied by prehistoric peoples from at least 8,000 B.C. through the Historic period, with a regionally unique presence of Middle Woodland peoples of about 2,000 years ago. The survey data also showed that the Strawtown area was a boundary region for aboriginal peoples throughout its occupational history. Data recovered from the augers showed that archaeological deposits are buried in the flood plain portion of the property. Overall, the project demonstrated that the Taylor property contains numerous and unique archaeological deposits with the potential to address many regional research problems of considerable importance both locally and within the broader region of the Midwest. There can no longer be any doubt that the Taylor property contains many archaeological sites that are most likely eligible for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.