By: Beth McCord and Donald R. Cochran
Report of Investigations 43. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University. 
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A survey and planning grant project was proposed by the Archaeological Resources Management Service to conduct an inventory of Woodland earthworks in east central Indiana. The inventory would be used to update the documentation of the sites and determine their survival rate. Four sites were proposed for testing and a review of regional habitations sites would be undertaken to develop a model of Woodland settlement in the region. The inventory documented 295 earthworks within the project area. Most of these sites appear to have been destroyed and fewer than 88 appear likely to exist. Testing of the Woodland habitation and ceremonial sites was impeded by a lack of landowner authorization and inclement weather, but one habitation, the Ray site, was partially tested. A model for Woodland habitation in the region indicates that sites should occur in the flood plain. It is hypothesized that the earlier Woodland sites are buried and not visible on the surface. In general the project was successful in documenting the wealth of information on Woodland settlement in the region.