By: Donald R. Cochran, Michael Angst and Beth McCord
Prepared for the Indiana Department of Transportation. Report of Investigations 42. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University. 


Mitigating the damage from construction of an asphalt reprocessing plant on a portion of the Leonard Haag site (12-D-19) was carried out by the Archaeological Resources Management Service. The damage was limited to the plow zone and to a conveyor belt trench. Archaeological data recovered during the project was predominantly from disturbed context. Artifacts and features were completely consistent with previous data from the site. The use of 1/4" screens revealed that artifact densities at the site were higher than those reported from earlier excavations where «" screens were used. The smaller screen size also indicated that a previously identified sterile zone below the midden may be a sampling illusion resulting from the use of larger mesh screens. A discussion of problems associated with delineating the boundaries of the site, sample size and organization, and the lack of a detailed site report was also included. Recommendation for protecting the portion of the site involved in the mitigation and future archaeological investigations were included.