The Applied Anthropology Laboratories (AAL) is an outreach arm of the Department of Anthropology. The AAL provides a full range of cultural resource management (CRM) and research services. Our professional staff is experienced in all levels of field survey, excavation, analysis, and curation. Our staff specializes geoarchaeology (geochemistry, geophysics, etc.), spatial analysis, faunal analysis,  and a variety of other research specialties. We assist communities, government agencies, and industry in the integration of archaeological research with community and economic development. We work closely with our partners to meet their needs from project inception through completion.

With more than 75 years combined experience in eastern North America archaeology, our staff offers extensive qualifications in completing compliance and research projects and meeting state, federal, and professional guidelines. We also conduct cutting edge scientific research in anthropology, with research funding from the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Parks Service, Division of Historic Preservation, and Archaeology, Ohio Humanities Council, Ohio History Connection, and others.

In combination with our Research Fellows, we work with consulting engineers, private developers, small towns and large cities, state and federal agencies, descendant communities, schools, students, historical societies, researchers, and others on a variety of applied anthropological services, scientific research, educational, and other service activities. Our students, staff, and Research Fellows are actively engaged in the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, and the scholarship of application providing thousands of hours of enhanced experiential learning opportunities.