By: Joseph R. Miller
Edited by Christine Keller
Principal Investigators: Christine Keller and Kevin C. Nolan
Reports of Investigation 80 Volume 1 and 2, Applied Anthropology Laboratories, Ball State University

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


The Applied Archaeology Laboratories (AAL) at Ball State University conducted a data enhancement project for archaeological resources in Blackford County, Indiana, for an FY2012 Historic Preservation Fund Grant (Grant #18-12-41921-3). This Historic Preservation Fund grant project investigated the archaeological resources of Blackford County, Indiana with a focus on the Big and Little Lick Creeks and the southern half of the county. Approximately 908.5 acres (367.7 hectares) of agricultural land were surveyed and 287 new archaeological sites were recorded. The survey recovered 838 prehistoric artifacts and 1,159 historic artifacts from 13 parcels of land within Blackford County. No human remains were discovered as a result of this grant project. Cultural periods that are represented in the artifact assemblage include Late Archaic, Early Woodland, Middle Woodland and Late Woodland/Prehistoric components that were documented from the pre-contact era. The average site density recorded for the project area for pre-contact sites was one site per 3.80 acres.