By: Beth McCord
Report of Investigations 52. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.

PDF of Report, Redacted Version


The Archaeological Resources Management Service conducted a FY97 Historical Preservation Fund Grant to assess three unique sites in Henry County, Indiana. The project documented the significance of the Chrysler enclosure, a small isolated circular enclosure dating to cal AD 220 to 265 through limited test excavations. The New Castle site was resurveyed to document the preservation of the earthwork complex. An instrument survey was also conducted and produced a new site map. The project clarified previous investigations of the site and documented the inadequacy and inaccuracy of previous work. The Van Nuys site, a multicomponent habitation, was investigated by limited test excavations. While Archaic and Woodland material was recovered, the site was dominated by Late Woodland materials related to the Albee phase. No deeply buried deposits were found at the site, although intact subplowzone features were encountered. Each of the sites addressed by this project provided substantial information on the Woodland period in Henry County and east central Indiana.