By: Shaun A. Miller
Prepared for the USDA Hoosier National Forest. Report of Investigations 66. Archaeological Resources Management Service, Ball State University.
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Phase II archaeological testing of sites 12Or382 and 12Or384 at Wesley Chapel Gulf in the Hoosier National Forest was conducted in June and July of 2004. The fieldwork was conducted to assess whether the sites contained significant archaeological data and were eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Research was also carried out to assess aboriginal use of the Gulf as a unique natural feature and to evaluate its role within the regional archaeological context. The research built upon data recovered during the previous archaeological surveys of the Gulf area and tested the conclusions of those investigations with excavation data from the two sites. No features were found in the sites during the test excavations and individually the sites did not appear eligible for listing on the National Register. Research into aboriginal use of caves, sinkholes and springs suggested that Wesley Chapel Gulf may have played a unique role in regional settlement systems.