By: Kevin C. Nolan
Principal Investigator: Kevin C. Nolan
Reports of Investigation 101, Applied Anthropology Laboratories, Ball State University


As part of the efforts of the Virtual Solarium Augusti Project (VSAP) to locate and discover the nature of the Solarium Augusti and related monuments, the Applied Anthropology Laboratories (AAL) conducted a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey of several locations in and around the suspected original location of the Obelisk of Montecitorio, now re-erected in the Piazza di Montecitorio (Figure 1). The GPR survey was conducted by Dr. Kevin C. Nolan under the direction of VSAP lead, Dr. Bernard Frisker, with the assistance of John Fillwalk, Matthew Brennan, and Dr. Alberto Gallardo. The survey took place on July 18th and 19th in the basements of several stores and apartments along the Piazza del Parlamento and Via di Campo Marzio (Figure 2, Figure 3). The survey sought to confirm the location and nature of the original platform and base of the Obelisk of Montecitorio, examine the nature of the foundation for the known meridian extending north of the obelisk, and discover the extent of the meridian. Areas surveyed included the basement of Via di Campo Marzio, 48 where a section of the meridian was previously excavated (Figure 4). The other survey locations were the basements of Piazza del Palamento, 3; Via di Campo Marzio, 49; Via di Campo Marzio, 50; and Via di Campo Marzio, 46. Finally, survey was conducted in the courtyard of Via di Campo Marzio, 46.