Dr. Matthew Stuve
Dr. Matthew Stuve
<b>Department: </b>Educational Psychology; Research Design Studio (RDS)<br><b>Research Area: </b>Classroom Assessment; Instructional Design; Learning Technologies; Design Thinking; Teacher Development; UX/UI/QA<br>

Department: Educational Psychology; Research Design Studio (RDS)

Research Focus: Classroom Assessment; Instructional Design; Learning Technologies; Design Thinking; Teacher Development; UX/UI/QA

Potential Student Project: Do you feel compelled to help teachers and schools with their online and face-to-face (F2F) teaching? Good! Do you have an idea or skill to bring to This Calling, or do you want/need mentorship as part of a team of teacher-scholars who share your calling and who are currently helping to implement solutions with teachers and schools? Great! Read on, my new friend…

Within the Research Design Studio (RDS, see below), we have a number of projects involving research and development with schools and teachers. If you have a good idea for online teaching and learning that you are willing to put some sweat equity into, I and we (the RDS) would welcome the opportunity to mentor it/you into reality. I only require that the idea has an empirical foundation to it. I can teach you that. Or, if you want to assist with any of our existing projects as part of a team of graduate students, faculty and K12 partners, then grab your skills, tools and aspirations and we’ll put you to work.

But the most specifically opportunity I have for an aspiring undergraduate scholar is also the most urgent: I’m building an online repository for assessment-informed activities, lessons, units and methods that we’re making available to/with teachers who need help transitioning to online teaching. Teachers work on the front lines in the development of young minds. They need our labor. We need their wisdom. And you need help becoming *you* within This Calling that you can’t seem to shake. Still reading? Keep going…

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

Inquisitive; reflective; detail-oriented; not afraid of technology or “data”; or willing to be challenged and mentored towards developing these attributes. A commitment to the advancement of public education or willing to develop such a commitment is required.

This opportunity is ideal for–but not limited to–students in teacher education who have some coursework in one or more of the following areas: Learning theory, human development, classroom assessment, educational technology, or psychology. Psychology majors should work well for this opportunity too, as could students from the design sciences/arts who might be hearing A Calling to serve public education with their sciences/arts.

Mentoring Plan: I can support up to two students per term. Maybe three if you and two others a cohesive team already. The Research Design Studio (RDS) in Teachers College is an academic cooperative to engage and support students and faculty in research. I work there with other teacher-scholars. We specialize in the design of studies for teacher education as well as studies on impact of innovations in schools and classrooms. The RDS is a great place to pursue challenges affecting teaching, learning, teachers, students, schools and communities. Still reading? Hang in there, we’re almost done…

The RDS will serve as the organizational context for our mentorship. You will be bona fide member of the RDS team, working alongside (virtually, for now) graduate students in educational psychology. As you see how other projects are done in the RDS, you and I will have regular, project-specific meetings and work sessions (“tinkerings”) where each of us report on our progress, test solutions and seek insights and expertise from each other and others. I’ll help you learn some new things relative to your starting point. And I hope to learn from you too. And we’ll learn what teachers need and do.

Contact: 765-285-5484, TC 511