Dr. Jerrell Cassady
Dr. Jerrell Cassady
<b>Department: </b>Educational Psychology<br><b>Research Area: </b>Promoting learning outcomes through the application of psychological principles in traditional and non-traditional learning contexts<br>

Department: Educational Psychology

Research Focus: My research areas are relatively broad. However, in general my disciplinary focus is Educational Psychology with primary emphasis on promoting learning outcomes through the application of psychological principles in traditional and non-traditional learning contexts. This includes interventions within formal educational settings (e.g., anxiety reduction, literacy instruction, study interventions) or non-formal educational settings (learning online, National Parks, museums). I engage in this work with a team of fellow faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate student researchers in my two "labs" - the Academic Anxiety Resource Center (https://espace.bsu.edu/AARC) and the Research Design Studio (https://espace.bsu.edu/RDS).

Potential Student Project(s): This year, I envision supporting a student in one of my two lab settings.

  • For the Academic Anxiety Resource Center, I hope to recruit a student interested in expanding our resources to support learners in K-12 and university settings in overcoming the effects of academic anxieties (e.g., Test Anxiety). These are non-clinical interventions focused on reducing the levels of anxiety in the learner through study and learning interventions and/or relaxation techniques (such as Mindfulness). The projects would focus on how to promote access to these resources in person or online - and measure the efficacy in supporting learners. These projects would be of greatest interest to students in Psychology, Sociology, or Counseling programs.
  • For the Research Design Studio, I would be able to support a student interested in studying the effect of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library on Kindergarten student readiness in a county wide study starting this fall. Another study that would be supported in the RDS would be examining the long-term success of students in Muncie Community Schools who participated in a variety of interventions focused on Kindergarten readiness and/or success by grade 3. These programs are likely of interest.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: The skills and attributes I seek in my research team members are dedication to the study of interesting questions, a creative mind, and the ability to ask good questions.

Mentoring Plan: I meet weekly with all members of my research teams - either in small group or individual sessions. In addition to planned weekly meetings, I am in the lab on a regular basis and we work on projects ALL the time – so there will be constant access as needed.

Contact: 765-285-8522, TC 409B