Dr. Scott Dueker
Dr. Scott Dueker
<b>Department: </b>Special Education<br><b>Research Area: </b>Training Classroom Personnel To Implement Video Modeling To Teach Missing Prerequisite Mathematics Skills<br>

Department: Special Education

Research Focus 1: "Comparison of Timed Testing Against Untimed Testing in Building Fluency for Basic Mathematical Facts". The project will be looking at the effects of timed practice on acquisition of basic mathematical operation facts. Some research suggests that timed practice and testing may cause anxiety in students. This study will test both that theory and that of improved fluency through timed measures.

Research Focus 2: “Examining the Use of Procedural Fidelity Measures in Clinical Practice: How Practitioners Evaluate Their Interventions.” The project will be a survey instrument for behavior analysts to describe their procedural fidelity measures. We will analyze the results to describe the best practices used in the field.

Potential Student Project:

  • Student will help conduct a literature search, under supervision
  • Student will prepare materials for the project, under supervision
  • Student will implement study protocols with subject, under supervision
  • Student will collect various types of data, after training
  • Students will help analyze data to make decision

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

I am looking for the following attributes:

  • Interest in working with small children with with mathematics difficulties
  • Curious about training and teaching methodology
  • Interest in learning about single-subject research methodology
  • Follows directions
  • Accepts feedback
  • Works well as part of a team

Mentoring Plan:

If selected, the student will:

  • Learn aspects of single-subject research design and implementation
  • Learn how to use the internet for literature searches
  • Find or create materials used in research projects
  • Learn about behavioral skills training methods
  • Collaborate with team members to implement research protocols
  • Learn single-subject design data analysis
  • Contribute to the final research document for publication

Contact: 765-285-5729, TC 727