Shawn Stoner
Shawn Stoner graduated from Ball State University’s College of Fine Arts in 1993. He is currently President of Post Production at New Wave Entertainment. Here are Three Things To Know about Shawn:

1. A Muncie native, Shawn found exactly what he was looking for right in his back yard: “Even though I am from Muncie and was eager to attend school at another location in order to have new experiences, the more I centered on what I wanted to do in college and compared my options elsewhere, the more I realized that Ball State was going to offer me the best opportunities (even if it was in my back yard).  The Theatre Department and Telecommunications Department were both top-notch, and I could think of no other school where I could pursue both degrees amongst some of the very best students and faculty. Some schools were strong in one of my fields of interest, but none of them could boast the combined reputation of Ball State in my desired degrees.”

2. As the current president of Ball State’s Department of Theatre and Dance Alumni Society, Shawn “sincerely believes in the value of building on the success of our past generations to help nurture and grow the University:” “I believe these actions are connected forward and backward and that every accolade the University garners with its current students, faculty, and staff only builds on the reputation and helps influence opportunity for past grads as they move through the professional world. If you are a graduate of a school and it is generating a lot of positive attention, it can only mean good things for you as well.”

3. Shawn’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Be mindful of your choices. Make sure as you stake your claim and find an entry-level job that you can envision a degree of contentment or happiness moving forward with that company. Because if you are smart and ambitious, people will start promoting and paying you. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, and you want to make sure you’ve steered your ship in a direction that is fulfilling. If not, you can find yourself getting stuck doing something that doesn’t bring satisfaction—and with bills and obligations that make it harder to change (but if you find yourself miserable—change anyway!).”