Kelly Hartman
Kelly Hartman graduated from Ball State University’s College of Sciences and Humanities in 1989, and in 1991 earned her master’s degree from what is now the College of Health. She is the President & CEO of Insights. Here are Three Things To Know about Kelly:

1. Kelly says she didn’t necessarily choose Ball State. Instead…: “I think Ball State chose me! For many years, the Department of Journalism has sponsored a statewide contest called “J-Day” which recognized excellence in high school journalism across the state. My work as the “in-depth editor” for my high school newspaper earned me accolades in 1985 along with a one year full-tuition scholarship. I cannot imagine where I would be without Ball State. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, and then my graduate degree, I had such a great opportunity to not only experience both an exceptional education, but also social and extracurricular experiences that helped to shape who I am today.”

2. Kelly, who is also an adjunct professor teaching Social Entrepreneurship at Ball State, is passionate about giving back to her University: “I am so proud to be a Ball State University alum and honored to be sharing my professional experience in the classroom today with students. I had someone ask me one time, ‘How would your life be different without Ball State?’ and I was nearly moved to tears—as I cannot imagine it. It was that question that ultimately led me to consider Ball State as one of the top recipients of my charitable giving. I absolutely believe that ‘giving back’ to Ball State, as a reflection of gratitude for the University’s investment in me, is imperative.”

3. Kelly’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Be patient. It is OK to NOT know right now. Finding a fulfilling career and leading a meaningful life usually go hand in hand, but achieving that balance is an evolving process. The one thing I would definitely encourage students do is explore every opportunity offered. We often spend our lives trying to reach that “light at the end of the tunnel,” so our focus is narrow. However, if you take your time, you will realize there are MANY open doors to explore on the way—peek in those doors and see what might interest you.”