Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker graduated from Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media in 1998, and earned his master’s degree from the University in 1999. He is currently CIO/Director of IT at the Oregon State Treasury. Here are Three Things To Know about Jerry:

1. The first in his family to attend college, Jerry’s education at Ball State provided him with valuable opportunities: “I wasn’t really sure what school I wanted to attend, but I knew I did not want to attend a large-sized university. Charles Martin, a fellow Ball State alum, was a huge figure for those of us who went to middle and high school in the 1980s from South Bend, Indiana, and after talking with him, Ball State was always at the back of my mind. As a first-generation college student, the BS and MS I received from Ball State opened doors for me both professionally and personally that otherwise may not have been available. Professionally I have been able to excel in my career as an IT executive and personally I am able to provide in ways not affordable in my youth.”

2. Jerry knows first-hand the importance of alumni reinvesting in the success of current and future students: “I remember how hard it was for me as a minority attending Ball State with my only way to pay being financial aid. I give back to Ball State with both money and time with the hope that I can make the way a little easier for students who are in the same position I was in. I do this with the hope that I can lessen the burden of a student and at the same time plant a seed of giving.”

3. Jerry’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “I think one of the greatest things I learned at Ball State, especially during my master’s program in CICS, is networking. Try and network as much as you can, from professors to friends you make along the way. Reach out to alumni from your respective schools of study.”