Julia Ricci
Julia Ricci graduated from Ball State University’s College of Sciences and Humanities in 2015. She is currently senior film programmer at Heartland Film. Here are Three Things To Know about Julia:

1. Julia “immediately felt at home” at Ball State: “When I was applying to colleges, I wanted to attend a school where I wouldn’t be just a number; somewhere with the opportunities of a large university with a smaller campus feel. I liked having the option to study both History and Telecommunications and experience smaller, discussion-based classes in the Honors College. The opportunities for project-based immersive learning were also unique and appealing. In addition to the lifelong friendships I have made, my experience working on immersive learning projects through the Virginia Ball Center and Building Better Communities producing professional-level content for community partners as part of a team of students from a variety of disciplines gave me the skills necessary to be successful professionally, especially in the nonprofit sector. Studying both history and film was the perfect preparation for my career as a film programmer, since films are a window to the times in which they are made. The ability to recognize patterns, trends, and societal significance is a large part of being a film programmer.”

2. Julia knows first-hand the significance of alumni support: “It is important for Ball State alumni to reinvest in the success of current and future students. I wouldn’t have been able to attend Ball State without the generosity of alumni-supported scholarships. Additionally, alumni who returned to be guest speakers in my classes and who were willing to meet one-on-one to talk about their careers left a significant impression on me. Seeing this engagement of the alumni community as a student instilled in me the importance of giving back. Since graduating, I have been a guest speaker in several classes, served on the board of the Indianapolis alumni chapter, and participated in student-alumni networking events and Career Center and faculty workshops. When I was a student, alumni involvement opened me up to a lot of possibilities I might not have considered before, and I want to do the same for current students.”

3. Julia’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Always be curious. Pursue interests outside of school and work that energize you; they will help you build friendships, maintain a healthy life balance, and can present you with unexpected opportunities. Recognize your worth and don’t be afraid to speak up, reach out for help, or help others. Regularly try things outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s starting a conversation with a stranger or taking a dance class; it boosts your confidence and helps you grow.”