Damita Williams
Damita Williams graduated from what is now Ball State University’s College of Health in 1984. She is currently Chief Nursing Officer at Medical City Plano. Here are Three Things To Know about Damita:

1. Ball State provided Damita with the jumpstart needed to pursue the career of her dreams: “I credit Ball State for providing me with a firm foundation in nursing from one of the premier programs in the country. I would put my education up against anyone. From the foundation, I have been able to soar to heights I never imagined. To this day, I maintain relationships with colleagues from Ball State, even though I am across the country.”

2. Damita’s experience at Ball State has given her an appreciation for the University’s ability to invest in the success of its current and future students: “It is my personal belief that we are all called to pay it forward, and that if we occupy space on this earth, it is our responsibility to give and not simply take. I was very fortunate and did not need those resources as a student, but I enjoy giving—it fills me up. The youth are our future; we must invest in them.”

3. Damita’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “My advice is simply to walk in your calling. Don’t be afraid of it. Sometimes our gifts are not obvious to us, but others will see them in us. Acknowledge those gifts and play to those strengths.”