Jennifer Wiese

Jennifer Wiese graduated from Ball State’s College of Applied Sciences and Technology in 1987. Her degree from that school has since been absorbed by the Miller College of Business. She is currently Founder and Owner at BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery. Here are Three Things To Know About Jennifer:

1. Ball State “set the stage for a lifetime of learning opportunities” for Jennifer: Jennifer has a unique combination of experience in fashion, sales, and fundraising — all of which have set her up for success as an entrepreneur as founder and owner at BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery. But her foundation was built at Ball State, where she majored in fashion merchandising and minored in business. “My degree from Ball State University has set the stage for a lifetime of learning opportunities,” Jennifer said. “I've been blessed abundantly — with my first career in the fashion industry, then as sales manager in the hospitality industry and then later in life as an entrepreneur. I've made lifelong friendships through Ball State and I give credit to my alma mater for providing mentoring opportunities as a way to give back and stay connected to our leaders of the future.”

2. Being connected to Ball State runs in Jennifer’s family: Jennifer’s favorite Ball State memory was her commencement day, sitting on the lawn at North Quad with her family in the crowd waiting to hear her name called. Included in that group was Jennifer’s grandmother, who was part of one of the first graduating classes of Ball State Teachers College more than six decades prior. Jennifer’s two brothers also attended Ball State, and now three of her own sons — two current students and one recent graduate — have become Cardinals. “I have a rich legacy of Ball State alumni in my family,” Jennifer said. “You could say we bleed Cardinal and White!”

3. Jennifer’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful life? “Spend time learning your passion — what gets you excited, what do you spend your free time doing and thinking about, what are your natural talents? Think on these things, and then match a job that will allow you to live independently. Spending time in areas that make you feel alive and excited while giving you a sense of purpose will naturally lead to a meaningful life. I've also found that sharing time, talents, and resources is a great way to live a life filled with purpose.”