Drew Holloway graduated from Ball State University’s College of Sciences and Humanities in 2010. He is currently a Fisheries Biologist at the Muncie Sanitary District’s Bureau of Water Quality. Here are Three Things To Know about Drew:

1. Drew knew early on he wanted a career in environmental management, and he found the perfect fit at Ball State: “In high school I had decided that I wanted to major in environmental management. I knew about Ball State’s NREM department from my uncle, who had graduated from it in 1987. Being from Yorktown, Indiana, I also had a strong attachment to BSU, having experienced many of the great things they provide to Muncie-area community members. Now I can attribute many of my successes to Ball State. Coming into college I knew what I wanted to major in, which allowed me to fully embrace the college experience. I made life-long friends through classroom and internship opportunities, all provided by Ball State. Many of them are now colleagues that I collaborate with in my career.”

2. Drew believes in the power of giving back to current and future Ball State students: “I believe the importance of alumni interaction with current and future students goes well beyond monetary contributions to the University. Volunteering to speak to classes and student organizations and attending career and internship fairs strengthens the personal bond Ball State alumni share with each of its current and future Ball State Cardinals.”

3. Drew’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “The first thing I would tell students to live a meaningful life and have a fulfilling career would be to never lose touch with your surroundings. As life happens it’s not hard to get stuck in a routine and miss out on some great opportunities. It is in these moments of awareness that you can truly enjoy everything that you have accomplished, no matter the size. With each accomplishment there is room for growth whether its personal or professional. Use each of them as a steppingstone to better yourself.”