Henry O. Hall

Henry O. Hall graduated from Ball State University’s Miller College of Business in 1993. He is currently President at Skytech Products Group, and a member of the Ball State Board of Trustees. Here are Three Things To Know about Henry:

1. A student-athlete at Ball State, Henry says the entire campus community played a vital role in his continued development: “I chose Ball State primarily because it allowed me the opportunity to play Division I college football. Secondly, the University’s Accounting program was easily one of the best in the country, and I knew it would prepare me for a career in business. Third, the size of the University was a better fit for me compared to other schools that had nearly twice the enrollment. As a young adult, I found professors, academic advisors, coaches, and students who challenged me to grow in my academic studies, collegiate athletics, and social awareness. The campus community broadened views about the possibilities of my future. My experiences at Ball State helped solidify my beliefs that success is a journey and not a destination.”

2. As both a graduate and member of the Ball State Board of Trustees, Hall knows the significance of giving back to his University: “As an alumnus of the University, I want to leave Ball State in a better state than I found it. To that end, investing in the University, its students, our fellow alumni, and last, but not least, the faculty and staff, are paramount to our University’s success and survival. Every University relies heavily on its alumni to champion its accomplishments and to hold the University accountable for providing the framework, teaching, and experiences necessary to prepare students for a fulfilling career, regardless of their field of study.”

3. Henry’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Explore, study, and investigate education and your career with purpose. Purposeful experiences will enrich you and those around you.”