larry metzing

Larry Metzing graduated from Ball State University’s Miller College of Business in 1971. He is currently a Senior Partner at Indiana Business Advisors. Here are Three Things To Know about Larry:

1. Ball State’s proximity made it an easy choice for Larry, but his experience at the University gave him more than he could have imagined: “I lived in Anderson and Ball State was an obvious choice since I spent my first two and half years at Ball State commuting between Anderson where I worked in the factory in the evenings and attended Ball State during the day. I eventually learned that Ball State would give me an academic foundation to facilitate a career in business and finance. My network of business and personal contacts certainly has a significant amount of Ball State contacts. Of most importance from a personal standpoint, I met my wife of 52 years at Ball State.”

2. Larry’s experiences in the Sigma Chi fraternity — including those with a now-famous alum — were among his favorite at Ball State, setting up a desire to help out future Cardinals: “Without question, all of my favorite memories at Ball State revolve around my experience in the Sigma Chi Fraternity. My experience with David Letterman as my pledge trainer in the fraternity certainly had some memorable moments. The relationships that I developed during that period of time actively continue today. That’s why I believe it is important for us to give back and assist to create an experience equal to or better than our individual experiences when we were undergraduates. I always say that education is probably the answer to most problems.”

3. Larry’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “My advice to students today is the same as I gave the Miller College of Business graduates at the 2017 commencement as their keynote speaker: invest in your relationships, follow your passion, and give back. That advice never goes out of style, in my opinion.