Krishna Walker

Krishna Walker graduated from Ball State University’s College of Sciences and Humanities in 1997. She is currently the General Counsel and part of the senior leadership team at CareVet, a rapidly growing veterinary practice management group with hospitals throughout the United States. Here are Three Things To Know about Krishna:

1. Ball State was the “perfect bridge” into adulthood for Krishna: Initially interested in a potential career in education, Krishna was first drawn to Ball State due to its reputation as one of the best teacher preparation institutions in the nation. A high school visit to Ball State’s campus then sealed the deal. Ball State, Krishna said, “was far enough away from home that I could feel a sense of independence, and close enough to home that I could visit my family when I got homesick.” Location aside, Krishna, who was appointed by Indiana Governor Evan Bayh to serve as the student member on the Ball State Board of Trustees for two years, said her college experience led to her learning “as much outside of the classroom as I did in the classroom.” “Ball State was the perfect bridge from home to adulthood for me,” Krishna added.

2. Krishna continues to find ways to give back to her alma mater: Krishna was the recipient of a forgivable emergency loan her senior year at Ball State, where she learned about the donors who made those critical funds possible. From that point on, she said she made it a priority to reinvest in the success of current and future students, much like others had done for her. “The act of giving back has been important to me ever since I received that emergency loan,” she said. Krishna’s donations to Ball State have included a yearly scholarship for members of the Ball State chapter of Zeta Phi Beta sorority; she also started a scholarship with her husband to support diversity efforts within the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS).

3. Krishna’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Enjoy your time on campus and do the things you enjoy doing. If you think, ‘Oh, that activity isn’t for people like me” — think again. The entire Ball State experience is open to you! The classroom experience will give you the basic foundational tools to enter the workforce, but the experience with faculty and classmates outside of the classroom is what will make you an asset to your future workplace.”