Brian Case

Brian Case graduated from Ball State University’s Miller College of Business in 1985. He is currently Group Sales Director of Employee Benefits at OneAmerica. Here are Three Things To Know about Brian:

1. A Muncie native, Ball State was conveniently located for Brian, but the University ended up giving him more than he could’ve ever imagined: “Ball State provided me with the foundation I needed to prepare for my career. It taught me not only classroom and learning skills, but also, more importantly, it taught me how to think critically, problem solve, how to work in a group, and time management skills. Personally, I take great pride in being the first in my family to graduate from college. I know without attending and graduating from Ball State I would not have ended up with the life and career I have enjoyed.”

2. As a first-generation college graduate, Brian learned first-hand the importance of giving back: “I believe it is important for Ball State alumni to reinvest in the success of our current and future students. That is why I have given back to Ball State financially through the years. Ball State taught me many life skills that set me up for success, and I know that when alumni give back with their time and talents that it will help current and future students in not just the obvious ways, but also in many other ways that they may never see first-hand. There are many students who need the type of support that alumni can provide.”

3. Brian’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “There are many things I could share, but to keep it concise, I would say learn to love learning and always be curious. The world is always changing and evolving; however, some skills like hard work, doing what is right, and looking for ways to serve others will always be timeless and will serve you well throughout your life and your career, wherever that may take you.