Betsy Mills
Betsy Mills graduated from Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media in 2008, and in 2010 earned her master’s degree. She is currently an assistant teaching professor of Communications Arts and Sciences at Penn State. Here are Three Things To Know about Betsy:

1. Coming from a family of Cardinals, Betsy knew early on Ball State was going to be a special experience: “Ball State has given so much to me, personally. I came to Ball State having won the Emens Scholarship, and I was deeply motivated by the message that the university believed in my academic and leadership abilities so much that it awarded me one of its most prestigious scholarships. I knew that if Ball State believed in me, I had better believe in myself—that confidence boost was incredibly powerful. Ball State is my family, both literally and figuratively. I am proud that every member of my immediate family is a Cardinal: My mom, Sally (’73); my dad, Kenny (attended); my twin sisters, Abby (’10) and Mandy (’10); and my partner of 15 years, Krista (’06). I treasured the experience of having my time on campus overlap with my siblings (2006-2010), and I enjoy reliving Ball State memories with my family when we return for events like Homecoming. Many of my strongest, most enduring friendships were also formed in my time at Ball State, where the shared bond of our college experience makes our friendship feel even more special.”

2. Betsy benefitted from the generosity of others while at Ball State; now she’s returning the favor: “The central value of our University is ‘beneficence,’ which is the act of doing good by showing charity or kindness. It is vital that Ball State alumni invest in current and future students–much like our predecessors invested in us, improving our college experiences in both obvious and invisible ways. That investment doesn’t have to be monetary; sometimes the best thing we can do is show support to current students with opportunities like networking, career support, and mentorship. As a scholarship recipient and someone who greatly benefitted from the generosity of others, I feel obligated to make sure that I pay those gifts forward in support of the next generation of Cardinals.”

3. Betsy’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, and live without regrets. Get to know your faculty members, and drop in on their office hours. Join a few campus organizations that enrich your life and connect you with likeminded friends. Attend campus events to be a part of the traditions that make Ball State unique. If you’re doing it right, attending Ball State is going to be one of the best times of your life! Overall, I’d encourage any student to pursue a well-rounded college experience that they can be proud of—get involved, work hard, have fun, and enjoy the flight!”