Larry Riley

Larry Riley graduated from Ball State University’s Miller College of Business in 1971. He is currently Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Trust Investment Committee at Coral Gables Trust Company. Here are Three Things To Know about Larry:

1. Larry was drawn to Ball State due to its low cost and convenience: “Coming from a single parent home of poor financial means, Ball State provided a four-year degree at a reasonable cost. It was also convenient, about 50 miles from my home. Ball State had a very strong reputation, particularly in education, at that time. Although I worked through my entire college years, my residual college debt was manageable at graduation. I paid it off entirely in three years.”

2. Ball State sent Larry “on a career of learning:” “Ball State provided the initial spark, sending me on a career of learning, growing, and giving that has truly exceeded any expectations I could have had my first day on campus. It is critical for us to share in the future of Ball State and our students. Just as we benefited from those before us, we must help those following us.”

3. Larry’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Get all Ball State has to offer. You have so many resources available. Alumni are vitally interested in your success. Take confidence along with your degree and know you have been well prepared to emerge from school as a productive part of society going forward. Work hard to employ the skills you have. Continue a lifetime of learning. And most gratifying is maintaining a connection with your university and remembering where you came from.”