Dwight D. Smith

Dwight D. Smith graduated from Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media in 1987. He is currently Co-President at Mission Control Media. Here are Three Things To Know about Dwight:

1. Ball State has been “an important part” of Dwight’s life “from the very beginning:” “I’m a proud second-generation Cardinal. My parents both attended Ball State; it’s where they met and began dating. In fact, if it wasn’t for Ball State, I probably never would have been born! I grew up attending BSU football and basketball games with my dad and have incredible memories of those times. The Ball State fight song is actually one of the earliest pieces of music I can ever remember hearing. Ball State has been an important part of my life from the very beginning, and continues to be to this day.”

2. Dwight’s education at Ball State created “a rock-solid foundation for success:” “Ball State helped me to create a rock-solid foundation for success, both professionally and personally. After graduation, I felt motivated, inspired, and well-prepared to make a name for myself in the world of entertainment. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and lifelong friendships I have experienced because of my time at Ball State. Because of this, as Ball State alumni, we are all part of one giant family, so it’s important to invest in the next generation. The success of current and future students benefits all of us. We all rise together.”

3. Dwight’s advice for future students to help them have a fulfilling career and meaningful lives? “Dream big and follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you take big swings, you won’t have regrets. Failure is an important part of success.”