Hidden Treasures Seminar Photos
Terry Heifetz
and his students researched the ‘hidden treasures’ in the Indiana arts scene to write and produce feature stories and multimedia productions on Indiana artists for the Indiana Arts Commission, the Indy Arts Magazine and the seminar’s other regional partners such as Arts Place and Indiana Public Radio.

Though a journalistic venture, the best journalists are not necessarily journalism majors. So, in addition to journalism and telecommunications, students were selected from art, architecture, creative writing, music, history, theater and dance. 

The students’ work is airing on various media outlets, is being published in state and regional periodicals and a web archive of the artists and their work has been created. Additionally, the broadcast version of Hidden Treasures garnered an EMMY® for Lighting.

View the Hidden Treasures website to learn more about the project and the artists.

Hidden Treasures Class Photo Terry HeifetzTerry Heifetz, Instructor of Telecommunications
L-R, Front Row: Manto (Thomas) Yau, Joey Foster, Sarah Brannan, Sydney Sorrell; Second Row: Kyle Fobe, Jonathan (Kyle) Broyles, Ellen Bryan, Andrea Giacalone, Kathleen Branson; Third Row: Jessica Mahanes, Megan Kirschner, Leanne Fabellar, Stephanie Bristow; Fourth Row: Terry Heifetz, Lisa Vitkin, Jessica Smith, Haley Kotnik.