Down To Earth Seminar Photo Collage
Andrea and her students explored the issues of sustainable agriculture and the local food movement.

Through the creation of a series of infographics, an educational website, a scholastic outreach program, and a consumer research project, the seminar educated the community and promoted sustainable farming in Indiana. The seminar also produced a documentary that investigates issues within our current food system, and addresses issues facing small-scale farmers in a culture of industrialized agriculture.

Additionally, seminar members researched government policies that complicate the adoption and development of more sustainable agricultural practices in Indiana, and worked with groups such as Urban Bird Muncie to help create legislative change locally. The seminar partnered with Becker Farms and the Living Lightly Fair.

View the Down To Earth Seminar website to learn more about the project.

Down To Earth Seminar Class Photo Andrea Wolfe
Andrea Wolfe, Assistant Professor of English
L-R, Front Row: Christine Kincaid, Audra Nauman, Laura Trackwell, Amy Anderson; Second Row: Emily Hart, Sam Noble, Ashlee Sandoval, Megan Bright, Dan Edwards; Third Row: Alyssa Hartman, Colin Hart, Garret Brubaker, Andrea Wolfe, Allison Reed, Sara Dreibelbis.