Vernacular Memorials Seminar Photos

Debbie and her students investigated specific manifestations of “vernacular memorials,” and more importantly the people and events behind these memorials, throughout Delaware County. Vernacular memorials include roadside crosses, car decals, quilts, tattoos and other individual efforts to commemorate losses and joys in the public sphere.

The seminar then created an interactive Google Earth map cataloging every roadside memorial in Delaware County, as well as a collaborative book entitled, In Loving Memory: A Study of Vernacular Memorials in Delaware County, for its community partners, the Muncie Public Library and the Delaware County Historical Society.

View the Vernacular Memorials seminar website to learn more about the project.

Vernacular Memorials Seminar Class Photo Debbie Mix
Debbie Mix, Associate Professor of English
L-R, Front Row: Jessica Berg, Kelsey Williams, Cara Ringle, Faryn (Ryn) Bailey, Nicholas (Nick) Upchurch; Second Row: Debbie Mix, Kathleen Coffin, Rebekah (Beka) Fehrman, Taylor Walt, Nicole Griffetts; Third Row: Timothy Neeser, Clarissa Bowers, Josh Scott, Ben Rogers, Tyler Fields.