Fall 2019 Indelible Seminar Photo Collage
Jill and her group of students from all different majors and walks of life investigated rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses in order to change the way sexual violence is discussed there. The students collected stories of rape culture and sexual violence on campus, outlining the first season and producing the pilot episode of a new podcast — “Indelible: Campus Sexual Violence” — designed to give a voice to survivors, shedding light on their stories while simultaneously giving students access to real information, and giving administrators across the nation ways to better protect and serve their students. Additionally, the students created a companion website to showcase the podcast and to compile resources for survivors, educators, parents, and others. They also created a report of their findings for presentation at the 2020 Midwest Safety Summit, and produced a set of documentary stories for social media. The seminar’s community partners included the local nonprofit storytelling organization, The Facing Project, and the national education and violence prevention organization Jana’s Campaign.

View the Seminar Facebook page and companion website to learn more about the project.

Fall 2019 Indelible Class Photo Fall 2019 Indelible Fellow Photo
Jill Christman
, Professor of English 
L-R, Front Row: Althea McWilliams, Marissa Lockhart, Isabelle (Bella) McGill; Second Row: Lizzy Bernard, Kaitlyn Cullen, Pauline (Paulie) Robinson-Stevens, Victoria (Vic) Scaggs; Third Row: Olivia (Liv) Mikkelson, Rebekah Hoffer, Donna Denny, Hannah Flint; Fourth Row: Jenna Risacher, Jill Christman, Jonah James, Annie Ashbrook.